Solutions for Operators and Manufacturers

Solutions for Operators and Manufacturers

Customized solutions, focused on safety, efficiency, and environmental awareness.

WEEE Directive

The European Union has established guidelines and objectives in the WEEE Directive for the collection, recycling, and reuse of electronic equipment, including mobile phones. The latest version of the WEEE Directive sets the ambitious goal of collecting and processing 10 million tons of electronic waste annually according to the WEEE guidelines from 2019 onwards. By partnering with Ecowave to regulate the return flows of mobile equipment, you contribute to these goals and ensure that everything is carried out according to the strictest guidelines.


Reliable and Safe

Ecowave operates in the processing of mobile devices according to the strictest guidelines and only uses certified partners, for example, for the recycling of devices. This ensures that your devices are processed correctly.


Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Ecowave ensures that mobile devices get a second life. Devices that are still suitable for reuse find their way to regions such as Asia and Africa, where they contribute to emerging economies. Additionally, it's important to realize that mobile phones contain many scarce and harmful materials. Through reuse, these devices don't end up in landfills, thus serving two purposes. Devices that are no longer suitable for reuse are properly recycled, with 95% of the materials being recovered for reuse.