Schools – Foundations

Ecowave can help to bring up interesting collection campaigns for schools and foundations. By collecting mobile phones, additional money can be raised for schools and foundations in an original way. In the Netherlands, it is estimated that millions of old mobile phones are laying in drawers and closets. These old devices are often meant as spare device, but in practice these mobile phones remain unused and eventually they still end up in the landfills.

Collecting mobile phones
A collection campaign is the ideal way of making people alert to the fact that they probably still have savings in the form of their old mobile phones. By persuading everyone to donate unused mobile phones, a big amount can be collected!

Top fees, detailed reporting and rapid disbursement
Ecowave is the ideal partner in setting up a collection campaign. Ecowave offers attractive fees for devices and can also arrange the complete logistics for you. You receive detailed reporting’s and the value of all collected devices are quickly paid out.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly
Of course, all devices, even the ones that have no value will be processed in the correct manner, which also minimizes the impact on the environment. In this way your collection campaign is also exceptionally sustainable!

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