A challenge in the retail exists of generating more traffic and attracting the customer to come back regularly. Ecowave offers you all the tools, such as an attractive trade in concept, which you can offer to your clients. This also helps you to increase your shop traffic.

Why trade- in?
Only in the Netherlands, approximately 15-20 million mobile phones are lying in drawers. Most of the time, a mobile phone is kept as a spare device. These devices are often left unused in the drawer. This is a shame, because the value of the phone evaporates completely.

Give your customers the ability to trade in their old mobile phone as a result they can optimally maximize the value of their device, which happens in your shop! Your clients have “savings” in their drawer! The value of a device may be utilized as an extra discount on a new purchase, or in the form of a voucher.

If you are using the trade concept of Ecowave, you can easily look up the value of a mobile phone online. By appointment the devices will be picked up by Ecowave. We will pick up the devices costless. You will receive a comprehensive reporting of all notifications and fees, and the total amount will be paid out quickly.

Contact us for a customized solution
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  • Excellent marketing tool to increase shop traffic
  • Financial benefits for your customer
  • No extra charge for waste, but additional margin
  • Attractive rewarding
  • Simple online registration
  • Fees by brand/model, which can be directly retrieved through the website
  • Ability to register additional customer info
  • Monthly reporting of notifications and fees
  • Monthly billing proposal and fast pay out
  • The support of Ecowave when developing actions
  • One single handling of discarded devices, even with multiple stores/branches
  • One contact person for the entire processing of the devices
  • No additional costs for logistics
  • Contribution to reducing the growth of the waste in electronic products

After an introductory meeting, in which we can look at the possibilities, we can get started quickly if desired. You get access to your own online environment and you can start directly with the registration of devices.

Innovative solutions
Ecowave works with innovative solutions and reacts rapidly. As soon as we have created your account, you can get started! In your own online environment of Ecowave, you can quickly and easily look up the current value of devices, which are offered by customers. With the aid of the online application, a simple inspection of the device is sufficient to determine the value. You can submit the devices easily with the online application of Ecowave.

Collection, processing, rapid disbursement
Ecowave ensures that the devices will be collected from you at a specified moment. Of course this is free of charge. After receiving the devices in our warehouse, they will be verified and each month you will receive a detailed monthly report about all registered devices. Next to that, you will also receive a billing proposal. Ecowave is known for its extremely fast pay out, as a result you quickly receive your money.

Each retailer is constantly faced with the challenge of attracting new customers to the store and seducing the existing customers to come back more often. With the smart trade-in concepts for mobile phones of Ecowave, you have the possibility to offer an extra attractive service to your customers, which also can be a benefit for your own revenue.

Trade-in concepts for mobile phones are often offered by retailers, which sell mobile phones themselves. When a customer hands in its device, the value of this device is often settled with a (additional) discount on the value of a new device. This can be a reason for many customers to buy a new device in your store. However, in practice it can be seen that many people want to hand in their mobile phone, but they do not directly need or want to buy a new mobile phone. Instead of cash, it is a possibility to offer these customers the value of their mobile phones as a voucher, or as extra bonus for your own savings system or let them (partly) donate the value to a charity or associations. This is of course also interesting for retailers outside the telecommunications industry.

Support by Ecowave
Of course Ecowave supports your promotion of the trade-in concept. One way to inform your customers about the possibility of handing in their mobile phones in your store is by flyers and posters. By placing these posters and flyers prominent in your store, you can trigger customers to bring their old devices with them at their next visit to your store. Do you have a greater concept or project in mind? Ecowave is always happy to think with you, is flexible and is always open for new ideas in order to create a win-win situation together.

For many companies, including retail, corporate social responsibility is high on the agenda. With the trade-in concepts of Ecowave you can present yourself as a green and environmentally responsible company.

Reducing waste
Of course, the trade-in concept is also commercially very interesting. It is good to know that with the trade-in concept you also take care of the environment. Old mobile phones are often left in drawers and closets and finally in the end they end up in landfills. This does not only diminish the value of the device, but it is also very bad for the environment.

What happens with the devices?
Ecowave processes the devices, -if desired, all data can be completely erased- and a large part of the devices (approximately 90%) are eligible for a second life. This is not only less damaging for the environment, but also for the peoples in the less prosperous parts of the world. A large part of these used devices gets a second life in countries, which are still in development. These old devices will contribute to the growth of the economy there.

Products, which are not eligible for re-use, are collected and offered to our recycling partner, who dismantles the devices professionally. Approximately, 95% of the materials can be reclaimed for re-use in producing new products.