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As we all know, the telecom market is progressing fast. The latest technological developments are growing fast and the customers demand is constantly changing. New brands and types of phones are introduced fast after another. In need of remaining relevant to the market it is essential to adapt your business model.

Ecowave, as a specialist in return flows, helps you staying focused at your business. By controlling the return flow, overstock, DOA and customer repair returns Ecowave offers you proven systems and appropriate solutions to regulate this flow of devices.

Store concepts
Besides the return flow collected in your warehouse, Ecowave also offers various concepts to support the flow from the shops. Next to that, Ecowave possesses several concepts; as a result you can offer your clients a trade in service. This is possible for businesses as well as consumer clients. The customer network of your shop is an excellent resource, which you can use for contributing the flow of used mobile phones and tablets. This suits perfectly with the thought of environmental responsibility.

With Ecowave as a partner you are assured of a reliable partner, who respects the WEEE directives. Furthermore, we offer excellent track and trace options and reports.

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As no other, Ecowave understands the importance of reliable, safe and environment safe solutions for the return flow of mobile equipment. By innovating continuously and by following the strictest European directives, Ecowave proves itself as being a reliable partner.

In the WEEE- directive, the European Union has set guidelines and targets for collecting, recycling and the re-use of electronically equipment, like mobile phones. In the latest version of the WEEE directive, the ambitious goal of recycling 10 million tons of electronic waste per year form 2019 has been discussed. By doing business with Ecowave and regulate the return flow, you are contributing to this objective and you can be sure that the strictest directives are respected.

Reliable and safe
Ecowave respects the strictest guidelines when processing mobile phones. We only collaborate with certified partners when recycling the devices. You are assured that the devices are processed correctly.

Environment friendly and sustainable
Ecowave ensures that mobile phones get a second life. Devices that are qualified for re-use will find their way to Asia and Africa. There they will contribute to the emerging economy.

Besides, it is also important to realize that mobile phones contain a lot of scarce and damaging materials. By reā€“using the devices they will not end up as waste, as a result a win-win situation exists.

Devices, which will not be qualified for re-use, will be recycled properly. Almost 95% of the materials can be recovered for re-use.