Ecowave B.V. operates with different concepts on the consumer market, in multiple European countries. In the Netherlands alone, about 3 million devices annually are left at home in the drawer.

When buying a new mobile phone, people often keep the old mobile phone as a spare device. In practice these old mobile phones remain unused for years and eventually are thrown away with the regular garbage. The substances of mobile phones are not only harmful for the environment, but at the same time the complete value (up to hundreds euro’s) of the old device evaporates.

Selling your old mobile phone
Ecowave offers concepts for consumers to sell their old mobile phone(s) in multiple European countries:

Ecowave not only offers excellent benefits with all concepts, but we also attach value to attractive shipping methods (free of charge and insured), good customer service, and rapid disbursement (within 24 hours of receipt and progress). In all countries we also receive very high customer ratings.

Web shop
Ecowave started in April 2013 with its web shop, due to the growing demand of refurbished- and demo products. In this web shop devices are offered according to the following categories:

+ Good
++ Better
+++ Best

Next to mobile phones, other products are also regularly offered, such as handheld game consoles and digital cameras.