Ecowave offers interesting collection programmes for charities. By collecting mobile phones, additional money can be raised for charities in an original way.

Millions of unused mobile phones
Approximately 16,7 million people are living in the Netherlands. According to the latest estimates 21,7 million mobile phones are located in our country. By now, most people have one or more unused mobile phones lying somewhere, and representing together a great value. Mobile phones that are kept as a spare device often remain unused and their value diminishes completely.

Top fees, detailed reporting and rapid disbursement
Ecowave offers competitive compensation for your device(s) and you can send them free of charge or we can collect them free of charge at your home.

Donate mobile phones to your charity
Your fundraising campaign is the ideal opportunity to make people alert to the fact that they probably still have savings in the form of their old mobile phones. They can contribute by simply donating their old unused mobile phone.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly
Of course, all devices, even the ones that have no value will be processed in the correct manner, which also minimizes the impact on the environment. In this way your fundraising campaign is also exceptionally sustainable!

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